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Your capital is at risk and investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The investments on this website are intended for Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors as defined by the FCA.

About Us

 AXIA: from the Greek meaning 'merit'

AxiaFunder is an online litigation funding platform that connects investors with carefully vetted commercial litigation investment opportunities that we believe have the potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. 

AxiaFunder's team have a combined 40+ years of financial experience and a combined 30+ years of litigation experience. AxiaFunder is focusing on the smaller end of the commercial litigation market (mainly in the UK and continental Europe) where we believe there is a significant shortage of capital and many clearly viable cases.

AxiaFunder is one of the first litigation investment companies in the UK and was awarded the Best Commercial Litigation Crowdfunding Platform in the 2019 Fintech Awards. AxiaFunder is a trading name of Champerty Limited. Champerty Limited (Firm Reference Number 811606) is an appointed representative of Share In Ltd (Firm Reference Number 603332).

What litigation funding services do we offer?

  • Investment opportunities: We regularly review and list litigation investment opportunities that have the potential to generate high risk-adjusted returns to our investors. We mainly focus on commercial litigation including shareholder disputes, tax disputes, breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation claims, construction, insurance claims among others.
  • Secondary Market: AxiaFunder has developed a Secondary Market providing an opportunity for litigation funding investors to purchase holdings in previously funded cases that are still ongoing. The Secondary Market offers flexibility to existing litigation case investors who might wish to generate liquidity for themselves while a case is still in progress.
  • Single Case Simulator and Portfolio Return Simulator: The single case return simulator shows the expected value for litigation finance investors in a hypothetical SPV which takes partial assignment of a commercial claim. The portfolio return simulator helps litigation investors to quantify the potential benefits of varying levels of diversification. These are useful tools for investors wishing to illustrate potential investment outcomes.
  • Funding claims: We offer both lawyers and claimants fast and flexible funding solutions for commercial legitimate cases, particularly those with clear legal merit and sound economics but that require funding. Typically, we help lawyers to finance commercial claims that require funding of up to £1 million. Our target turnaround is between 1-2 months from the initial enquiry to funding completion.

Our approach to litigation finance investing

AxiaFunder sources and carefully vets cases that we consider suitable for investment which then become available on the website. Registered litigation funding investors are granted direct access to these legal cases and can individually choose which to add to their investment portfolio.

When a case is funded, an up-front fee is paid by the claimant from the funds raised. The net funds raised are held in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and used to finance the litigation case.

If the claim succeeds (at trial or via settlement), the SPV receives a contractual return. This is usually a share of the damages received or a fixed return per annum. We deduct our success fee percentage from the gross return from the case and the remainder, net of any expenses and taxes, is payable to the case investors.

If a claimant loses, then the investors are likely to lose all, or a significant portion of their investment, depending on whether or not there is some principal-protection in place via insurance cover from After The Event (ATE) insurance provider.

For further information about our investment approach, go to

Our case evaluation team has over 3 decades of commercial litigation experience

Our team is a group of seasoned professionals from both financial services and commercial litigation.

Litigation Funding

Cormac Leech


For the past 7 years Cormac has focused on the alternative finance space. Here he was closely involved in raising over $2bn for direct lending funds as a founder and director of the Liberum Alternative Finance, and also incubating several fintech startups. He has also been a senior consultant to private equity groups including VPC after spending a number of years in strategy consulting at McKinsey. Cormac holds an MBA from INSEAD, a MSc in Computer Science from Oxford university, a First Class Honours degree (BSc) in Mathematical Physics from University College Dublin (where he graduated top of class).

Cormac Leech

Michael Lent

Case Origination & Assessment

Michael has practised as a solicitor since 1978, specialising in commercial litigation, having been a partner in firms such as Bond Pearce and Hammond Suddards, as they then were. His practice was divided between defending a wide range of professionals, general commercial litigation and advising insurers on policy drafting and policy disputes. In July 2008, he joined Temple Legal Protection, to develop their commercial litigation ATE underwriting insurance division. He subsequently left this role in order to set up his own ATE underwriting agency, Lakehouse Risk Services Limited, which commenced operations in June 2016, to insure commercial litigation in the UK and Ireland.

Michael Lent

Noor Kadhim

Senior Case Assessor

Noor is an international arbitration and art law specialist with over 12 years' experience. She is a Solicitor Advocate of the English Courts. Her focus areas are investment and commercial arbitration, public international law, and art law. She was previously a Deputy Counsel at the ICC and a case assessor at Vannin Capital. Her representative experience includes advising investors and States in ICSID and UNCITRAL arbitrations, and acting for corporations and individuals in ICC, LCIA, DIAC, DIFC-LCIA and ADCACC arbitrations, as well as litigation in the English courts and DIFC courts. Her academic work has included partnering with the US Department of Commerce, corporations, and universities worldwide, on legal drafting courses and art law and arbitration programmes she has engineered and led.

Noor Kadhim

Sophie Xuemei Liu


Sophie was previously the co-founder and CMO of Xanadu, an internet startup focusing on Chinese outbound travel, where she worked with the IT team in developing the Company’s travel aggregator website. In this role, Sophie was also responsible for all online/offline marketing, business development and operations for the group of +80 employees. Her expertise spans offline/online marketing, personnel management and business operations. Sophie previously spent a number of years working for L'Oreal International where she gained in-depth international strategic marketing and product development experience at L’Oreal International. Sophie holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Sophie Xuemei Liu

Diana Pupkevic

Investment Analyst

Diana has previously completed internships at ING and British Business Bank supporting the organisation’s strategy in reducing regional imbalances in SME access to finance. Diana holds a MA in Comparative Business Economics from University College London and a First Class Honours degree (BA) in Business Economics from University of Greenwich. She has volunteered for a year at XLP, a mentoring project working with young people in disadvantaged communities in London. Diana is also fluent in both Russian and Lithuanian.

Diana Pupkevic

Rabin Tambyraja

Co-Founder / Part-time Business Development

Rabin has spent the past two decades working in finance in a range of positions from investment banking and project finance to equity research and fund management for leading international institutions such as Rothschild, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan. In his most recent roles, he successful managed portfolios worth hundreds of millions of dollars for a number of major hedge funds including UBS O’Connor and Bluecrest Capital Management. Rabin started his career in strategy & operations consulting with Deloitte in Asia. He holds a Masters in Engineering (Hons) from Oxford University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Design, Manufacture & Management from Cambridge University and an INSEAD MBA (Full Scholarship).

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