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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high - risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high - risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more

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Secondary Market

The AxiaFunder Secondary Market operates as Bulletin Board offering opportunities for investors to purchase holdings in previously funded cases that are still in progress. The Secondary Market offers flexibility to Axia investors

The AxiaFunder Secondary Market enables litigation finance investors to sell some or all of their AxiaFunder holdings. Case investments will typically have a maturity of one to three years until the underlying cases are resolved [1]. The Secondary Market facility will support those investors who may wish to generate liquidity while a case is still ongoing and at the same time assist investors looking to increase their portfolio diversification by getting exposure to a previously funded Offer.
[1] Although any specific offer could have a shorter or longer maturity than this.


Litigation funding investors have some choice as to when you exit an investment (so long as there is a buyer and your investment is eligible for the Secondary Market).


Sellers (existing Axia Investors) can choose to place all or part of their investment on sale if a case is eligible to be listed on the Secondary Market.


Buyers can only request to buy holdings that are displayed as available on the Secondary Market. Please ensure you read the updates section for the case before you make any decision regarding investing. You can view what is available here.

Secondary Market opportunities

Secondary Market trading activity

Table 1 below contains information on all recent secondary market trading activity regarding cases funded via the AxiaFunder platform.

Table 1: Secondary Market Trading Activity

DealTrade Completion Date# Units SoldUnit Price (£)% Change v. Issuance Price
Breach of Employment Contract ID 207202-Sep-2021374£15.00+50 %
 31-Aug-2021100£15.00+50 %
 30-Aug-202150£15.00+50 %
 14-May-20219£15.00+50 %
 13-May-20211£15.00+50 %
Francovich claim (breach of EU Law). Offer ID 2244 25-Jul-2023100£12.00+20 %
 18-Mar-202377£13.00+30 %
 14-Feb-2023200£12.50+25 %
 05-Feb-2023300£12.50+25 %
 05-Feb-2023300£12.50+25 %
 30-Jan-2023700£12.50+25 %
 28-Dec-2022100£12.50+25 %
 11-Nov-2022150£12.50+25 %
 01-Nov-2022150£12.50+25 %
 11-Oct-202296£12.50+25 %
 11-Oct-2022100£12.00+20 %
 22-Sep-2022100£13.00+30 %
 04-Aug-2022200£6.00-40 %
 25-Jul-2022400£8.00-20 %
 27-Jun-2022250£9.00-10 %
 10-May-2022389£10.000 %
 10-May-2022250£9.00-10 %
 07-Feb-2022100£10.000 %
 03-Oct-2021300£12.50+25 %
 21-Sep-2021200£12.50+25 %
 17-Sep-2021200£12.00+20 %
 03-Sep-2021100£12.50+25 %
 02-Sep-2021600£11.50+15 %
Breach of Employment Contract Case ID 2512 30-Jul-2022100£14.00+40 %
 06-Oct-20211,861£13.00+30 %
 08-Sep-202149£13.00+30 %
 04-Sep-2021105£14.00+40 %
 01-Sep-202196£11.00+10 %
Software Theft & Copyright Infringement (Case ID: 2754)07-Nov-20231£700.00+40 %
 09-Jul-20234£700.00+40 %
 30-Jan-20236£700.00+40 %
Francovich Claim Case ID 281714-Feb-202310£650.00+30 %
 05-Feb-20235£575.00+15 %
 15-Mar-20222£515.00+3 %
 08-Mar-20222£500.000 %
Shareholder dispute (Case ID: 3565)19-Dec-20221£1,000.000 %
Group Litigation Claim (Case ID: 3634)08-Jul-20234£600.00+20 %
Shareholder Unfair Prejudice Dispute Claim (Case ID: 3903)27-May-20241£1,050.00+5 %
 25-Oct-20231£1,200.00+20 %
 23-Oct-20231£1,150.00+15 %
 29-Aug-20231£1,100.00+10 %
Housing Disrepair Claims (Case ID: 4006) 19-Dec-20221£1,000.000 %
Francovich Claim (Case ID: 4101)24-Oct-20231£1,200.00+20 %
 11-Sep-20233£1,200.00+20 %
 08-Sep-20231£1,200.00+20 %
 21-Aug-20234£1,300.00+30 %
Housing Disrepair Claims (Case ID: 4237)22-Jan-20241£1,000.000 %
Housing Disrepair Claims (Case ID: 4882) 02-Jan-20242£1,080.00+8 %
 27-Dec-20233£1,080.00+8 %
Housing Disrepair Claims (Case ID: 5084)17-May-20241£1,040.00+4 %
Housing Disrepair Claims (Case ID: 5182)17-May-20241£1,040.00+4 %
Housing Disrepair Claims (Case ID: 5395)17-May-20241£1,040.00+4 %
Housing Disrepair Claims (Case ID: 5400)17-May-20242£1,040.00+4 %
Francovich Claim (Offer ID: 5416)17-May-20241£1,040.00+4 %

Please ensure you read the updates section for the case before you make any decision regarding investing. To view current secondary market investments opportunities (if any), visit our investments page.

How to sell

Choose amount
Choose how much of your holding you’d like to sell and set your sale price (AxiaFunder will set a minimum and maximum sale price).
Read and agree to the Secondary Market Terms and Conditions.
Confirm the sale(s)
You will be alerted via email and see all pending sales in your portfolio.
Funds will be transferred directly into your AxiaFunder account (minus fees).

How to buy

Clear funds
You must have cleared funds in your AxiaFunder account to make a purchase on the Secondary Market.
Select holdings
See all available holdings for sale on the investments page and select the holdings you would like to purchase. The minimum investment amount is £1,000.
Confirm purchase and wait
Confirm your wish to purchase and wait to see if it is accepted. If your offer is not accepted the funds, and fees, will remain in your account.
If accepted your pledge will be fulfilled from your AxiaFunder account, fees transferred and you can monitor your investment in your portfolio.

Secondary Market FAQ

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How do I list the holdings I wish to sell?

If a holding is eligible to be listed on the Secondary Market, you will be able to add it via your portfolio. 

You'll note there is a menu item 'Secondary Market' on the left hand side of your portfolio. From there you will see 'Add a listing' in the top right and then you can select what you wish to list.

As a seller, how long do I get to accept an offer to buy?

You will be notified via email about all offers to purchase your listings. You can view all the pending offers in your portfolio in the Secondary Market section. You will have 3 days to approve or reject an offer before it is automatically rejected.

As a buyer how do I take a decision about what price to pay?

Before you decide to buy shares from the Secondary Market you are advised to read all the relevant information pertaining to the original investment and also read the updates section of the case detail page where AxiaFunder will add a document outlining key information that will help inform your decision on whether to purchase or not. This update will include the original issuance value per unit and latest news relating to the case.

Where AxiaFunder permit a given investment to be sold on the Secondary Market, although the seller can put an existing investment for sale on the Secondary Market and set the price, it is subject to price constraints maximum and minimum set by AxiaFunder.

What are the fees for the Secondary Market?

Sellers on the Secondary Market pay 2.5% to Axiafunder of the final accepted purchase value of a sale.  

Purchasers on the Secondary Market pay 3% to Axiafunder of the final accepted purchase value of a sale. Please note this fee includes Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT)

Do I need to pay tax on a Secondary Market purchase?

Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT) is payable on the paperless purchase of shares (but not bonds). If you buy shares on the Secondary Market that are subject to SDRT, AxiaFunder will account for and pay SDRT to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Guidance on SDRT can be found on HMRC’s website here

As a seller on the Secondary Market you give permission for your name, address and email address to be shared with HMRC. Please note we do not offer tax advice.

Is there minimum transaction size on the Secondary Market?

Yes, the minimum amount that may be invested in a single transaction on the Secondary Market is £1,000. 

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