Posted by on 10/19/2022

Connecting investors with pre-vetted litigation opportunities in the UK and internationally

To the best of our knowledge, AxiaFunder is the only established litigation funding platform offering sophisticated high net worth retail and smaller professional investors access to litigation investments where most of the gross return is paid to the investor. While many of AxiaFunder’s competitors tend to charge higher fees leaving investors with only high single digit annualised returns, AxiaFunder targets significant double-digit investor returns, net of fees.

AxiaFunder has recently launched a new portfolio funding product with two compelling characteristics: automatic diversification and an improved risk reward profile. At the time of writing, over £800,000 has been raised for this particular product. The underlying claims were 244 housing disrepair claims with an expected average duration of 9-15 months. Only 5% of these claims expected to go to trial. 85% of investors’ principal was insured. It is envisaged that capital and returns for the underlying claims will be paid to investors as and when each claim settles. AxiaFunder uses the claim monitoring system to directly monitor each claim and thoroughly audits the law firms running the cases on a periodic basis to manage the operational and counterparty risk. 

Capital at risk. Returns not guaranteed.

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