Posted by AxiaFunder Team on 10/05/2021

Flexible litigation funding

Unlike traditional litigation funders who would be backed by institutional investors and required to operate within strict investment constraints, AxiaFunder, a litigation funding platform, offers fast and flexible low-cost funding solutions to claimants and solicitors because it relies on sourcing capital from a large pool of professional, high net worth and sophisticated retail investors.

Flexible litigation funding amount

AxiaFunder has no minimum investment size requirement from its investors and relatively low operational costs. We are therefore able to fund legal cases on the lower end of the legal market typically requiring less than £1 million of funding. AxiaFunder can also bundle several smaller cases into one investment offer.

Flexible use of funds

Large litigation funders usually restrict their activities to funding legal costs only. AxiaFunder is able to provide funding for a more flexible use. For example, we can provide preliminary funding to claimants and/or reimburse some of their previously incurred costs.

Flexible case selection

AxiaFunder can also be more flexible when it comes to the case selection process itself. We are able to fund higher risk claims or claims that might take longer than usual to resolve such as cases in international jurisdictions as long as the transaction pricing is appealing to our platform investors.

Fast litigation case assessment

Our target turnaround time is typically between 4-8 weeks from the initial enquiry to confirmation that we will source funding on our platform. The actual fund raising can take a further 4 weeks.

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